Q & A with .... Mark King, U14 Manager

23 April 2017
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23 April 2017, Comments: Comments Off on Q & A with …. Mark King, U14 Manager

Name: Mark King mk

Club: Kilmacanogue

What is your role in the GCA ? : U14 Manager

Favourite Player / Why? Sean Cavanagh versatility and performances when it matters in tight games. Favourite Team / Why? Kerry, they focus on the fundamental skills and their kick passing and shot selection 

Who is your favourite Coach/Why? Mickey Harte, he built an All Ireland winning team where there wasn’t a tradition of winning.

What rule would you change in the GAA? The jury is still out on the mark -I’m not sure about it. 

What would you say to Players/Clubs to encourage them to be part of the GCA? I would say that it is a centre of excellence where our youth players are encouraged and developed by competent dedicated coaches with a goal of facilitating them to reach the highest honours the game has to offer.

How do you as a coach prepare for a session? Review the previous match or session identify areas for improvement and plan the session and game based/conditioned games around that tying it into the overall system of play we are promoting.

Why is it important to plan your coaching sessions? It is vital to have a plan to ensure the session runs well and the objectives are achieved.

What is your Coaching ambition? To be part of the development and coaching of Wicklow’s youths on a journey to All Ireland success.

What advice would you give to young players? Work hard and be resilient

What are your Coaching Qualifications? Award 2

Why did you get involved with the GCA?  To be part of a great bunch of people who are working hard to enhance football in Wicklow and provide our youth players with the coaching that will see them achieve their potential.

Where do Wicklow need to improve? Wicklow need to create a better link between the GCA and our clubs & schools to ensure the best available coaching is been rolled out to all our youth members. Their needs to be vision set and supported by the county board and in turn by the clubs to achieve success. Cooperation and support of all gaels is essential. 

What was the first team you coached? Club Under 16s

What qualities do you look for in a player to become a GCA squad member? Honesty hard work skill level and willingness to learn.

Outline your coaching Philosophy: Teamwork &  enjoyment.

Why is it important to regularly update your Knowledge/Qualifications?   To keep things fresh so training doesn’t become boring and I enjoy learning

Our U14 squad is proudly sponsored by Glen Fuels – ‘Energy for Everything’, continuing a long partnership with Wicklow GAA for over 20 years.

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